Zanzibar Tourism Sector Collapsing

zanzibar-beachesThough there are present laws plus guidelines which must protect tourism, the Tanzania government doesn’t implement them, and that is little by little killing Zanzibar as one of the leading tourism destination.

Quite simply: The economically significant Zanzibar travel plus tourism sector is declining.

Because of the international financial crisis, there’s been a major decrease in arrivals – a thing that the government has been cautioned about by various tourism stakeholders. How the government is handling this decrease in revenue is to increase and also come up with brand-new taxes, leaving a tourism industry that is already struggling being financially choked. The majority of the tourism companies could have already declared bankrupt if it wasn’t for their directors putting in so much money in the companies simply to keep them operational.

The government of Zanzibar has enforced brand-new airport taxes, fresh road taxes on tourism vehicles, extra VAT or levy tax on the tourism vehicles, as well as toll taxes to arrive at specific villages from where a number of excursions start. This is entirely dropping onto a tiny base of the tax payers that have decided to do their businesses as recommended by the law.

Even so, there are greater quantities of beach boys, operators who are not unlicensed, as well as guest houses that aren’t tax registered, consequently, no taxes are collected from the tourism activities of these firms. A number of these unlicensed operators take part in the government that may clarify why there isn’t any lawful movement to expand the tax payer platform and forcing these unregistered operators to lawfully register their companies.

Licensed operators that are doing business lawfully don’t have any other choice however to raise prices for their different services. This reduces value for money for their potential tourists that will sooner select other destinations for their vacations.

Commission for Tourism website mentioned that and this is only a small part of the entire issue. Zanzibar tourism is likewise coping with problems with security as well as infrastructure – all so in contrast to the vision of the Zanzibar government regarding tourism, “To turn out to be among the leading tourism destinations in the Indian Ocean, providing an up-market, top quality product over the boundaries.

Stone town

The famous Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar and it is hosts most of the tourism industry of Zanzibar. It is likewise a World Heritage Site. This town is habitat to a number of historical plus cultural sites, such as Makusurani graveyard (where several Arab ancient rulers were buried), the House of Wonders which is a four storey building that first had electricity on the entire island, Hamamni plus Kidichi Persian Baths, Dunga Ruins as well as Peace Memorial Museum.

Coastal tourism

Zanzibar has numerous beautiful beaches surrounding the clear Indian Ocean water, coral plus limestone scarps that allow for quite a lot of diving plus snorkeling. Diving together with snorkeling are carried out inside marine parks. The marine life seen consists of; lobster, dolphins, octopus, moray eels as well as lion fish. In addition, Tourists may go cruising dhows around the tiny islands. Tourists can watch the sunset and enjoy refreshments aboard.

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