Wild animals ruin farms in Moshi

WILD animals have ruined crops within Moshi district found Kilimanjaro area, just as the district is recuperating from environmental degradation. These animals, among which are monkeys, have been going into people’s farms in big groups as well as eating the crops,

monkeys-eatingFarmers in Sango, Tella, Kimochi as well as Mbokomu villages within Moshi district state that they faced a challenging time without the abundant harvest which they had initially expected.

The local residents have requested the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism to instruct its officials to at least take some kind of action prior to these animals causing any further damage on their crops.

Talking on behalf of the other local farmers, Mr Hezron Macha, who lives in Old Moshi West, explained that the animals have brought on significant damage to the crops such as avocado, maize plus bananas.

Although maize is a main food source for a lot of families, the staple food for the Moshi people is the bananas while the most commonly consumed fruit are avocados. In addition, Bananas are as well a raw material used for making their much loved local brew – mbege whereas avocados are an income source, since they are sold inside and out of this region.

He went on to say that they were getting ready to begin harvesting avocados in the very near future however at the moment they have been severely impacted by the wild animals; and he is among the people that have been affected by these animals.

Mr. Macha said that they have not succeeded in productive activities just as they are nearly entirely involved in chasing off these wild animals that have devoured practically most of his crops. Mr Elisaria Raphael Mrema Another farmer said that the wild animals have been infiltrating their farms in huge groups and ruining their crops.

He alleged that they have by now informed the head of the Department of Land & Natural Resources, however to this point no action so far has been taken to assist them to take away these wild animals.

Mr. Mrema said that they have been trying as much to chase away the wild animals nevertheless they take shelter in Nanga forest that is extremely thick. They’re now thinking about cutting down some of the trees, however they know that it wouldn’t be a sensible move to take.

Mr. Msami Mshana the Head of Department Land & Natural Resources within Moshi district confessed the presence of the wild animals, putting it that they were a significant challenge.

He explained as the district has One hundred forty five villages its district council merely has 2 wildlife rangers, therefore it is challenging to contain this situation. Nevertheless, Mr. Mshana asked the residents who lawfully own guns to go to his office in order that they might be granted permits to look for the wild animals.

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