Tanzanian lodge achieves 5-stars award

Experts claim the 5 star status provided to Sopa Lodge will assist to enhance tourism within the region.

Tarangire-Sopa-LodgeThe Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism has acknowledged Tarangire Sopa Lodge found in Manyara region, in northern Tanzania as a 5 star facility.

This rating is dependent on the classification standards of East African Community put into practice in 2009. The East African Community – EAC set These hotel status standardization to guarantee easy identification of hotels within this region

The Tanzania camps, hotels as well as lodges will still be categorized, an exercise which was introduced in 2012, as part of endeavors to assist increase the value of marketing this country as a leading tourist destination.

This lodge was given the certificate after satisfying the requirements established by the East African Community along with the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, standing out as the sole property within this region that is rich with plenty of wildlife to achieve the top 5 star status.

Situated in the neighborhood of the well-known international attractions inside Tarangire National Park, on the renowned Tanzania northern tourism circuit, specialists say, the 5 star rank given to Sopa Lodge will assist to improve tourism within the region.

The Principal Tourism Officer Dorothy Massawe who is In-charge of the Northern Tourism Office, mentioned that the ministry was confident that this lodge that is elevated with Seventy five luxury rooms will provide the finest services when it comes to accommodation plus hospitality.

She likewise stated that the rating exercise will boost their tourism products as well as expected to satisfy visitor’s expectations plus standards. she added that It’s good for tourism, and she believes it’s going to be a motivation for lodges plus camps to enhance as well as strive for much better standards. she went on to say that they promote tourism basing on the quality of their product, and it’s a major basis to exhibit evidence that they mean business and possess an outstanding variety of facilities for their guests.

The officer said that with the assistance of the wildlife filled Tarangire National Park and undulating plains, they anticipate Sopa Lodge to provide high quality services in respect of the 5 star specifications.

Tarangire Sopa Lodge ultimately was awarded the 5 star certification during an exercise which involved over thirty hotels plus lodges inside Manyara Region. Throughout the exercise of evaluating, a group of experts particularly trained assessors conducted the evaluation of which twelve hotel properties were identified to be sub-standard then leaving Twenty properties to pass through hospitality property standardization exercise that led to many of them getting different status.

The Operation Manager of Sopa Lodge Group HSC Kennedy Ayoti, said that this award was a representation on the joint efforts by management together with the staff. He added that they do everything together and quality is their major driver in all their attempts. Clients are their leading source of pride as a hospitality business.

Dedan Ogelo the Manager at Tarangire Sopa Lodge, said that the hotel success in achieving status has been because of the contemporary hotel services plus amenities services offered by the hotel which makes it distinctive from others inside the Park.

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