Tanzania attains performance milestone even with small tourism promotion budget

Regardless of the large number in wildlife, unmatched visual beauty of its surroundings, plus the anthropological plus varied cultural heritage that differentiates the oddness of Tanzania’s tourism, the destiny of this industry remains juxtaposed between a continuing political tension before the general elections of 2015 as well as the poor financing of the marketing plus tourism promotion projects of the government.

A discussion on the tourism development of Tanzania for the year beginning July 2014 had did not elaborate as well as chart out strict strategies plus commitment by the present government in-power to lead promotion plus marketing projects in tourism in the upcoming financial year.

Being the largest of the other 4 partner member countries in the East African Community -EAC, since the last twenty years Tanzania has dedicated to improve its tourism seeking to become the leading tourist destination on the African continent

This country covers a total area of 945,000km and has laid out 28 % of its total land cover for wildlife plus nature.

By rigorous marketing campaigns done around the world with the proper coordination plus supervision of the nation Tanzania Tourist Board, the country had at this point, attained a milestone development in its objective to become the top rated safari destination on the African continent with regards to quality services provided to visitors, quality tourism, tourist products as well as tourist arrivals.

In accordance with the survey conducted on travel marketing which was released a year ago by the online marketing website (www.SafariBookings.com) based in the Netherlands for African tours, Tanzania was voted as the leading safari destination on the African continent.

This website – SafariBookings.com carried out a comprehensive analysis of a total of 3,061 reviews of more than 1,000 tourists plus travel experts that took part in the survey and made a conclusion that the two parties selected Tanzania as the Best Safari destination on the continent. Tanzania has an overall average rating of 4.8 of the 5 stars, which is the top most score of all the 8 key safari countries.

Botswana plus Kenya obtained 4.7 each, then South Africa plus Zambia obtained 4.6 each and against Namibia which obtained 4.5 stars. Uganda obtained 4.2 stars against Zimbabwe which obtained 4.1 stars.

This voting had included over 1,000 worldwide tourists as well as 756 travel plus safari experts. There were 276 professional safari operators, 756 reviews by experts as well as 2,324 users’ reviews were all used in this voting process and ultimately Tanzania was voted on top of the other countries in Africa.

last year in the month of February, Dr. Phillip Imler the president of Texas based Seven Natural Wonders organization coordinated a voting in which the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration in the Northern tourist circuit of Tanzania has been titled a top Natural Wonder of Africa .

The annual Wildebeest Migration has been coupled with other different animals walking around the Serengeti plains among which are lions, impala, cheetahs, elands, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and ostriches among other mammals. there are Giant crocodiles found in River Mara which cuts through the Serengeti, and these eager wait for the widebeests as they cross the river.

Known by most tourists as the “Garden of Eden” and the home of mankind, Ngorongoro has been a tourist icon in Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro was also voted among the Seven Natural Wonder of Africa, coming in second place and also the majestic Mountain Kilimanjaro was voted.

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