Tanga Seeks Own Identity at Tanzania Tourism Fair

TangaA question was posed on TripAdvisor about the Caves of Amboni; Do you know about the Amboni caves found in Tanga?

The answers given were very fascinating! One replied that “You are very correct Tanga is as well an excellent destination while the Amboni caves Amazing! I simply think just like you mentioned the effectiveness of marketing, since I can nearly assure you that there are many tour companies as well as overseas agents who have never learned about these caves.

Another reported, “Yes! However as you have discovered many agents do not look beyond Moshi went it comes to eastern Tanzania. Tanga’s sights have generally steered clear of attention from several tourists plus tourist operators. Nevertheless, Tanga‚Äôs history previously a German military post which gave Tanzania her name Tanganyika is very amazing and a worthy the theme of a tourist destination.

In 1889 Tanga was selected as a military post for the Germans in East Africa, and in 1891 it turned out to be a district office. Considering its amazing historical past, you could concur that this region could turn out to be an important tourist destination.

Nonetheless, It has had to stay below the shadows of the famous Northern Circuit, that takes the biggest share when it comes to tourism; which includes Serengeti NP, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Manyara as well as Ngorongoro, however a couple of tourist destinations which have offered this area its popularity. Soon after successfully hosting the 2nd International Trade Fair, Tanga is listening to awakening calls to promote these kinds of attractions including the East Usambara Rain Forests rich with biodiversity rich plus the amazing Amboni Caves and make her a tourism symbol of Tanzania.

Currently, the city is preparing itself to hosting a Mega Tourism Fair close to the end of this year aimed at marketing tourist opportunities accessible in the region.

The Tourism Fair would be in unison organized by the Tanga City Council -TCC, the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce as well as the Industry and Agriculture – TCCIA. In accordance with the Chairman of TCCIA – Tanga Mr. Paul Bwoki, this Tourism Fair slated for the very first week of the month of December, seeks to showcase the available opportunities for investment plus leisure.

Bwoki went on to say that their intention is to render Tanga an essential connection within the Northern Tourist Circuit saying that region has a lot of tourist opportunities it might show off including marine tourism, cultural tourism, as well as the rich heritage among others.

Mr. Bwoki pointed out that this fair whose theme”Leisure with sustainable conservation of culture and heritage, environment, marine and endangered species -Tanga is the destination”, is going to show off wildlife and safari tourism opportunities along with travel operators. Mr. Charles Hoza the TCCIA Executive Secretary, declared that the TCCIA targets hosting 4 major Fairs annually, and these include the Tourism Fair, the Agricultural Fair, Small and Medium Enterprises -SME Fair as well as the International Trade Fair.

Tanga features the amazing Amboni caves, which are the largest limestone caves across East Africa and these are found Eight kilometers north of Tanga, a couple of kilometers off Tanga- Mombasa road. The perfect caves which cover an expanse of 234 sq km were formed nearly one hundred and fifty million years back in the Jurassic era. In accordance with researchers this region was below water about Twenty million years back.

There are Ten caves, having amazing chambers and the longest is approximately 900 meters long. Another cave is used for the guided tours however some new ones have already been developed with a number of them being approximately Thirteen meters high.

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