How to Pack for a Tanzania Luxury Safari Holiday

Tanzania is proven to be the most remarkable destination with regards to a safari vacation. However, packing for this kind of luxury safari holidays could leave you perplexed and anxious. For that reason, in this article, I discuss how to go about this.


With regards to clothing, it is advisable to start with deciding the color. Select light tan or khaki shades that don’t attract insects. Attempt bringing t-shirts plus shorts and also pack some trousers, since Tanzania is often very cold at night as well as in the early evening. Besides this, a safari explorer hat is essential since it won’t only keep your head warm during the driving, but as well safeguard your face, head plus neck from the very hot sun.

Health and Safety

It is very crucial that you take particular safety plus health precautions when taking luxury safari holidays in Tanzania. This could include protection against the powerful UV sun rays through using sunscreen lotion (SPF 50+) and also a sun block on sensitive parts of the body, and wearing sunglasses. It is easy to catch Malaria within Tanzania, so to stop this from happening; it is advisable to use mosquito repellent plus full-length clothes. Particularly this is needed when the insects are most active which is from sunset and daybreak. Besides this, you have to as well take some anti-malarial pills.


It’s essential to safeguard the safari investment through carrying insurance. Whichever king of loss due to a trip cancellation or having to pay for medical treatment expenses in another country is a traveler’s responsibility. Furthermore, ensure that the medical coverage includes air evacuation.

Safari enhancements

At all times have a guide plus a reference book regarding the type of animal species plus birds you will see in the wildlife reserves. Additionally it is recommended that you learn some Kiswahili language.


Tourists should carry extra batteries for their camera, additional flash cards, plus an inverter for charging the batteries. This is very crucial if the tourists plan to camp and even capture their memories.

Tap Water

Never at any time consume tap water. It’s recommended to consume bottled water supplied by your operator. It is common to dehydrate greatly under the extremely hot African sun.

Tanzania certainly is the most breathtaking destination to enjoy watching the large herds of wildebeests plus zebras as they trek diagonally through the plains. Other wildlife including lions, leopards, elephants, hyenas as well as cheetahs are another major attractions. Mahale Mountains together with Gombe Stream are habitat to chimpanzees that are now hardly seen in the wilderness.

On the much loved Northern Circuit, tourists may observe flocks of thousands of pink flamingos voyaging from the beautiful alkaline lakes. Besides this, you will be very happy to see the internationally renowned national parks such as Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti as well as Arusha plus a number of popular attractions like the Ngorongoro Crater and the Olduvai Gorge.

mountain climbing, Bird-watching, camel safaris, water sports, diving, balloon safaris and caving plus deep-sea fishing are among the numerous activities you can enjoy on your luxury safari holidays in Tanzania. Therefore packing well, will certainly make your holiday even more fascinating.

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