A Tourist-visa database will help the police

The brand-new visa regulations which were implemented in the month of May have already had a significant negative effect on tourism, in accordance with the Southern African Tourism Services Association -.

David Frost the CEO of SATSA said that South Africa was at the moment among the nations using the most stringent polices for Chinese visitors. Nations such as Australia don’t make it as challenging as SATSA does. Chinese tourism is developing it has been performing well. What makes them get really heavy handed?

SATSA represents more than 700 tourism firms in the country and also Frost mentioned that he had been bombarded with complaints coming from them.

He added that a group of One hundred Colombians wished to visit South Africa however they must purchase 2 plane tickets to initially obtain visas for Venezuela and then arrive in South Africa. He went on to say that they are at the moment traveling to Tanzania.

The latest visa changes indicate that citizens of a number of nations, like Russia plus China, should apply for all tourist visas prior to arriving in South Africa.

They have to visit a visa centre to capture their fingerprints plus photos. A number of nations don’t have a visa centre therefore you have to go to another country to make an application for a visa into South Africa.

China which has a population of about 1.3 billion people has just two centers for visa application and these have been established in Shanghai plus Beijing.

Frost went on to say that It’s ludicrous because they are expecting people in China as well as India to take a flight for 4 hours simply to apply for their tourist visa.

To visit South Africa is a very long run, there are adverse ideas and now we are actually making it even more challenging.

However Mkuseli Apleni the Director General of Home Affairs said that these specifications weren’t strange and in addition they boosted security.

Even so, Derek Hannekom the Minister of Tourism not too long ago mentioned that the brand-new regulations could impede tourism along with other nations were makin

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